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Successful teams plan effectively. Innovate your workflow with 2-1-4-3, a disruptive approach to drive business success.

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Building on knowledge and experience is important, that’s why we’ve included a broad range of companies, from many sectors, across the globe, who have found success from implementing the 2-1-4-3 model.

Actionable Steps

2-1-4-3 guides you through four phases of intense planning, broken down into granular detail to help you and your company create effective goals and implement the best strategy to deliver them.

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Each copy of 2-1-4-3 comes with a free fold out Wall Planner, so you and your team can follow along.

How it works

2-1-4-3 is a rapid alternative to the standard Business plan. Powerfully grow your Business in just 4 simple steps.

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Who is Aidan Connolly?

Aidan Connolly is an unusual leader. Despite nearly 30 years of business experience and employed in one company, his role has changed so often his experiences mirrors that of senior executives or global consultants. He has worked with a full range of executive and managerial challenges, including direct experience of greenfield startups, high growth environments, turnaround issues, challenging economic environments and a wide range of political and economic systems. He has leadership experience from strategy to operations to production, developing sales programs, developing cohesive teams that deliver strong results.

Throughout his tenure at Alltech, Connolly has worked in over 100 countries, lived in six of them and speaks five languages. He has worked in political associations, with state and national governments in the US, China, Europe and Brazil, international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations. Connolly has appeared as a commentator on radio and television, often being cited for his knowledge of the animal feed industry. He holds positions as adjunct professor of marketing at the Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin and the China Agricultural University in Beijing. He has published over 30 academic articles and is a regular contributor to social media where he is particularly active on LinkedIn and Twitter.


"Looking at ‘what happened’ vs. spending valuable time and energy on ‘where we’re going’. Aidan Connolly’s 2-1-4-3 approach refocuses strategic efforts to be more forward looking, forward thinking, and provocative. With a clear approach and easy tools to get started, this book is a ‘how-to’ that leaders need to establish a stronger vision for the future and a clear roadmap for success."

Lisa BodellCEO/futurethink, Author of Why Simple Wins

"At GE we moved from pursuing a ‘make and sell’ approach to a ‘what to make for our markets’ approach. Aidan’s 2-1-4-3 model allows you to foster that culture of innovation you need to create new products, services or new customers."

Beth Comstockformer CMO of GE & author of Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change

"Moderate times call for moderate responses. Immoderate times call for immoderate responses."

Tom PetersAmerican author including The Excellence Divided

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